//Ground chufas 500g BIO

Ground chufas 500g BIO

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Ground chufas (flour) produced from chufa sedge is characterized by a unique sweet flavor and is an ideal product for many applications. It delivers our bodies all healthy components which chufa sedge contains and may have many applications in nourishing and dietetics. It is a product substituting any type of flour. It is considered flour and an additive suitable for bakery, since having a high content natural sugars, it allows for avoiding excessive sweetening (so, it is a good choice for those suffering from diabetes). The high content of fiber makes it a very healthy product, and we all need an appropriate daily portion of fiber.



Content analysis:

  • 56% fat (oil rich in Omega 3 acids)
  • 23% sugars
  • 13% starch
  • 15% proteins
  • 400 kcal/100 grams
  • 77 water


  • Magnesium (Mg): 1070 mg/kg
  • Sodium (Na): 206 mg/kg
  • Potassium (K): 7100 mg/kg
  • Phosphorus (P): 2557 mg/kg
  • Calcium (Ca): 179 mg/kg

Preparation of traditional horchata: It is perfect to prepare traditional home-made horchata with a blender, a food processor or other appliances for making plant drinks.

Confectionery: Due to its high content of natural sugar, it constitutes a perfect raw material for cakes, biscuits and any types of bakery. It is a perfect product to use in a gluten-free diet eliminating saturated fats.

Cereal bars and snacks: Chufa flour may be combined with muesli or used as an ingredient of cereal bars and snacks. It gives our breakfast a unique taste and supplies our diet with several nutrients. It is a perfect source of natural fiber, which enhances the regulation of the sugar level in the blood, as well as controlling the body weight and serves the improvement of our well-being. Chufa flour may also enrich yogurt, which makes it a healthy and balanced meal.