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A Xufa (“Chu-fa”) is a perennial rhizome, consisting of many edible roots that grow underground and end in bulbs, which resemble a “raisin” in their size and shape. It is cultivated mainly in Spain and in a few African countries. The products in our store are sourced exclusively from Spain from a region with crops strictly regulated by Denominación de Origen (or, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)).
The chufa appears under many names, depending on its translation. In the Spanish language, you will most often find the name chufas, which was adopted from the Valencian dialect. In English-speaking countries, it is called a tiger nut. In German, it is erdmandeln, which translates to “almonds from the ground.” The Polish name for the chufa is not the “most romantic:” cibora jadalna (which translates to “edible sedge”).
Despite the many, misleading translations, the chufa is neither a nut nor an almond.

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The most powerful bulb on the earth. Nut it out!

This inconspicuous plant has a great power in it.

Chufa sedge (Lat.: cyperus esculantus) was first mentioned in ancient Egypt where its nourishing and regenerative properties were highly valued.

Chufa fruits are sweet almond taste but are not nuts. They do not sensitize. They perfectly prove their value for those who are on a diet: people suffering from diabetes and fructose intolerance, applying gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan or paleo diets. Chufas can be eaten raw, roasted, boiled or as an addition to cocktails. Before the consumption it is worth washing and soaking them in water for 24 hours, thanks to which they gain exceptional crunchiness, and their taste becomes even more distinct and juicy. They contain high quantities of resistant starch, which has a positive effect on the digestive system. They are a source of vitamins E, C and B6, folic acid; they contain magnesium, potassium, phosphor, calcium and iron. They are rich in amino acids, including arginine – a nearly perfect supplement. Chufas are a natural source of dietary fiber and substantial unsaturated acids.

What the expert says.

Cosmetologist and chemist-biotechnologist Monika Czarnopińska helps us to better understand the properties of chufas.


She is a versatile person. By training she is a cosmetologist, chemist-biotechnologist, and Russian philologist, expert in literature.

Normally she pursues her passions and business goals being an owner of a Beauty Parlor. This work gives her a lot: contacts with other people, an opportunity to help the others in preserving their beauty, anf often even a necessity of being a good psychologist. She also work as a scientist, which allows her to fulfill herself intellectually.

She is also a sportswoman, and despite many responsibilities, she devotes a great deal of time to physical activities, without which she cannot live.

Many years ago she discovered her passion for cooking. Love for the kitchen and cooking is combined with the necessity of cooking for herself. She cannot eat gluten and dairy, she also suffers from histamine intolerance and several food allergies. All these factors resulted in an idea to start a cookery blog EAT IT CLEAN to share her recipes, but also to help people with similar health problems to prepare meals.

In the kitchen she follows the rules of clean food. She attaches great importance to the quality and origins of products, uses unprocessed natural food. She does her best to instill the others with love for cooking, as well as direct them to healthy clean cuisine and the choice of products “without additives.”

It is not a nut, not an almond, it’s CHUFA!

Even though not known yet in Poland, this small bulb celebrates its triumphs on American, German, Korean and Japanese tables. No matter if in the form of a fresh and unprocessed snack, as a refreshing drink called horchata, as flour being a base for many dishes, as well as virgen extra oil, they are perfect components of the leading balanced and healthy diets.


¡Això no es llet, això es or, xata!

In the 13th century, King James of Aragon I spoke these words to a girl, who brought him some horchata — a drink made from chufas. King Aragon asked, “¿Qué es això?” (“What is this?). The girl responded: “Es leche de chufa”) (“This is milk from chufas”).

The King then strongly reacted: “¡Això no es llet, això es or, xata!” (“This is not milk – this is gold, sweetheart!”).

Denominación de Origen

Customs and traditions, including nutrition, are the values which are passed from generation to generation and make a culture of a particular community. Denominación de Origen is a council controlling the quality of chufas and their protection at every stage of production: sowing, washing, drying and selecting. In this way the consumer has a guarantee that in the shops and packages with the logotype of the Regulating Council (Consejo Regulador), obtains a genuine product fulfilling all the parameters of the required quality.

One small thing that could provide so many possibilities.

It all started from the Spanish language, which I dedicated my life to. My desire to share and spread the love towards the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries has made me more and more immersed in the sounds, views, smells, and flavors of Spain. The true phenomenon turned out to be “chufas” (originally in the Valencian language as “xufas”), whose extraordinary properties were completely unknown in Poland.

Passion for the Spanish language


Love for interesting flavors


The desire to get to know the art, culture, and tradition


Chufa RAW

The chufa tubers can be consumed as a snack, or for homemade horchata.

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Chufa flour

Chufa flour often replaced regular flour and can be used as an ingredient for muesli and smoothies.

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Chufa oil

Its benefits do not only match but exceed those of olive oil.


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